Right at Home Holiday Gift Guide // For the Crafty

While the holiday season is filled with joy and excitement, sometimes it can cause a little bit of hesitation when it comes to gift giving. Picking the perfect gift for your crafty friends can be difficult (especially when they already seem to have it all), but today I'm sharing seven different gift ideas that I'm sure they would love. 

Holiday Gift Guide // For the Crafty - Right at Home Shop

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Gift Idea #1 // Misti Stamping Tool

Tools can be expensive and unjustifiable especially when we think about all the other stamps and dies we would rather buy with the money. However, if you are going to purchase just one this holiday season (either for yourself or a crafty friend) I would recommend the MISTI Stamping Tool

The grid marks on the swinging cover and the black cushion pad allow for straight, even, crisp stamped images every time. 

Want to see this product in use? Click here.

Gift Idea #2 // Erin Condren "Life in Little Squares" Deluxe Notebook

If you are an avid Instagrammer you may have noticed the planner craze that has taken over your feed. From these posts it becomes apparent that all planner girls have different ways of planning and like different layouts. To avoid purchasing a planner style that the recipient might not find ideal, I thought a customized notebook was the next best thing.

I found this notebook on the Erin Condren website. You can customize the size of the

notebook and whether it has a calendar inside. The best part of this notebook is that you can upload your own pictures from your computer or Instagram account to fill in all the little squares on the front cover. You can even change up the font choice and color for more possibilities. I think any planner-loving, goal-setting, note-jotting girl would love to receive this!

Gift Idea #3 // Right at Home Stamps "Happy Mail" Stamp Set

I may be a little biased with this next gift idea, but I have my justifications. My first stamp release, "Happy Mail", has definitely proved to be the most popular stamp I have released thus far. It's perfect for the avid cardmaker who wants to spice up her envelopes before sending them on their way. It's small, inexpensive, and sure to not only bring a smile to the crafter's face, but also all the recipients of the cards made using it. 

Gift Idea #4 // Unique Candles

I'm sure every year you receive a candle for the holidays either as a hostess gift or from a coworker. This year, I encourage you to step outside of the cookie-cutter, Yankee Candle box and look for interesting, unique candles that will not only act as a beautiful aroma, but also a home decor piece. 

All these candles pictured above are from Target and are super inexpensive. In addition, they all are contained in beautifully designed canisters that make them look way more expensive than they actually are. Seriously, don't these look like they could be sold at Anthropologie or Pottery Barn? 

Gift Idea #5 // Ikea Raskog Utility Cart

I'm sure this is not the first time you are hearing of this fabulous product. Over the past couple of years, Ikea and their beautifully designed home furnishings have taken the crafty community by storm. Just one of the products that every crafter dreams of having is the Raskog Utility Cart.

Easy to assemble and painted in a stylish turquoise hue, this cart would act as the ultimate organization tool for any messy crafter in your life. Trust me, you should pick one up...or two!

Gift Idea #6 // Lisa Congdon Just Add Color Coloring Books

One of the newest crazes amongst crafters is adult coloring. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their coloring book, but my personal favorites are the ones by Lisa Congdon. Her intricately designed doodles and patterns adorn every page which makes coloring a true creative experience for the user. 

Her books come in various themes and styles and I have included some below. There is something for everyone! Click each picture to be brought to the product listing on Amazon. 

The pages are perforated which makes it easy to remove your finished masterpiece and hang it up for everyone to admire. Plus, they are super inexpensive and would make the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Gift Idea #7 // Prismacolor Colored Pencils - Manga

If you're looking for a companion gift to the previous idea, the perfect compliment are these Prismacolor Manga Colored Pencils.

I chose this set specifically because of the vibrant colors included. When compared to the other sets, you receive the most variety of bright colors in one pack without having to spend too much money. Most of the other packs have a ton of one color instead of a whole spectrum. 

These pencils are also soft-core which means they will be a dream to blend!

Phew, that was a lot to cover. I hope you found this post useful and use it as a guide when shopping this holiday season. 

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