Where I Find Inspiration // For Cardmaking + More

When you run a creative business like me, it can be difficult to constantly be creating new and innovative ideas. Creating becomes demanding and soon starts to feel like the dreaded w-word we all love to hate: work. We lose sight of the very reason we started, to express our creativity and unique voice, and become bogged down with inventing the next best design or idea. 

When I reach this point, I know it's time to take a step back and look to some of my favorite inspiration resources for clarity and direction and I'm going to share them with you today.

Where I Find Inspiration // For Cardmaking + More - Right at Home Shop

All photos featured above can be found on my Instagram page. 


It may come as no surprise to you that I love Pinterest. I rarely write a blog post where I don't mention Pinterest. That being said, I truly believe it is one of the best resources us creatives have at our disposal. It costs nothing to log on and there are thousands of talented artists and creators constantly uploading their work for our viewing pleasure.

The amount of content consolidated into one space can sometimes make your eye's cross and, when your in a rut, that isn't always a bad thing. I love using the platform as an escape, when I can mindlessly scroll without restrictions. It's the best mind relaxer when you aren't paying too much attention to the all the pretty pictures. 

It typically doesn't take very long before my mind starts to formulate fresh ideas that I am more than excited to execute. 

Need help finding quality inspiration on Pinterest? See my tips here


Every few months or so, I walk out of my house to find a mailbox stuffed with the newest catalogs from all my favorite retailers. I recycle the ones I'm not interested in and keep my favorites on hand for future use. They aren't only a great resource for ordering, but also for finding a ton of inspiration in one place. I especially love catalogs since they typically house hundreds of samples all using the same brand and using the same products in various ways to show versatility. I love looking in these when I need to come up with multiple ideas for one product. 

Some of my favorites are from Hero Arts, Stampin' Up, and Lawn Fawn. Check around their websites, usually they have some for sale!


Ebooks are a more recent phenomena that continues to gain popularity amongst crafters. Heidi Swapp, American Crafts, and even Amber from Damask Love have taken the idea and made it their own. Essentially, ebooks are a digital magazine or catalog that can have a variety of different purposes. Heidi's typically features projects all using her line of products, however, Amber's, for example, holds a product round-up of sorts with various seasonal crafting projects using the selected items. Both are super useful and inspiring. 

Want to see what I mean? Click here to see Heidi's ebook and click here to see Amber's.

I've been become rather obsessed with ebooks over the last couple of weeks...and I think you may be seeing one of my own here very soon. 

Inspiration can be found everywhere you look as long as you keep your eyes and mind open. The places listed above are just some of my favorites. 

Where's your favorite place to find inspiration? Let me know in the comments!