My Favorite Creativity Videos For When I'm In A Rut

Creativity ebbs and flows. One day you can't stop creating and the next you stare at a black page for hours. Artist's block can quickly consume your mind and leave you helpless for days or even weeks. Since my job requires me to be constantly creating and thinking of new ideas I've had to come up a strategy for overcoming this plague. One of the things that I find most helpful is relaxing and watching a video, typically about another creative individual. I've come across quite a few amazing videos and I've compiled them for you to refer back to when you're in a creative rut.

My Favorite Creativity Videos For When You're In A Rut - Right at Home Shop

David Kelley // How to Build Your Creative Confidence

One of the most common things we hear from kids, co-workers, and friends inquiring about our work is how they are amazed by our creativity. We are able to come up with these complex and unique ideas that are unimaginable to them. When told they too can formulate these creative ideas, they typically respond with "but I'm not creative". Some say these feelings start as early as elementary school where we are critiqued by other students and teachers for the work we create, and can extend into our adult life. In this video, Kelley urges you to take back your creativity and use your skills and unique thinking to create beautiful ideas. It's all about having confidence in your own creativity.

Elizabeth Gilbert // Your Elusive Creative Genius

As creatives, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to constantly preform and create our best work. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Gilbert explains in her speech that being creative isn't necessarily something that is solely possessed by an individual. She believes that it is shared between you and some other entity that acts as a sort of "fairy godmother" throughout your creative process. It may seem like a unpractical idea, but there are parts of it that I find quite interesting.

Kirby Ferguson // Embrace the Remix

This video is a little controversial as it centers around the idea of copying and stealing other creatives' ideas. Ferguson believes the true tick of creativity does not come from thinking of an idea that has never been done before, but instead focuses on the ideas that have and "remixing" them into something that is new and your own. I think this relates to me personally especially with my cardmaking. It can be hard to constantly be recreating the wheel and one trick that I've found is to take a card sketch off of Pinterest, etc. and start to copy it. Seriously, start creating the same exact card. Once you finish, you will find that somewhere along the process you stopped looking at the actual sketch and instead used your own creativity to finish the piece. Works every time.

Isaac Mizrahi // Fashion and Creativity

Recently, my family has become huge Project Runways fans thanks to the Amazon Fire TV. We've been watching season after season of All-Stars, etc. and have loved watching how the show has evolved over the years. One of the judges featured on the show is one of the most famous names in fashion (hehe), Isaac Mizrahi. I can't say that I necessarily took anything in particular from his speech, I simply love the video because he has such an interesting way of speaking and explaining his thoughts. I think it is a much-watch.

Daniel Sax // THE GAP by Ira Glass

This video is perhaps my favorite one that I have ever come across because of both the message and cinematography. I found this video about a year ago when I was really struggling in my studio art class. I never considered myself a "studio" or "fine artist" and it became extremely difficult to use mediums like paint and watercolors to create art that "wasn't necessarily my style" (read, didn't involve paper and stamps). That being said, I knew I had the ability to create something, but needed more time and supplies in order to do so.

Creativity and creating does not have to be some scary thing that only certain people posses. We all have the ability to create great work. Once you start exercising that muscle, it will become easier and easier to create and you will soon be on your way to creative freedom. However, make sure to allow yourself to breathe along the way and don't let the pressures of the world around us spoil your process.

I know you can do it. And if you ever need a little boost, refer back to these videos.

Happy creating!