DIY Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gift Idea // Right at Home for the Hollydays

A few weeks ago I made my way to my local Target for some hot cocoa mix. To my surprise, they were completely sold out of the little packets that bring me so much joy on a cold winter night. Before turning back down the aisle, I noticed a big tin container filled to the brim with the same mix. I knew how desperate I was for a hot cup of chocolate and decided that worse case, I could always turn the surplus into gifts for friends and family. 

If you too were lucky enough to snag some hot chocolate and are looking to share, then I have the perfect gift idea for you. 

DIY Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gift Idea // Right at Home for the Hollydays - Day #2

To start off my project, I grabbed a clean mason jar from my stash, filled it with some of my favorite hot cocoa mix, and added a doily to the top before I screwed on the lid. I saw this idea on Pinterest and almost died from the cuteness. I knew I had to use the same idea on my gift. 

For reference, my doily is 6 inches wide. The 4 inch doily was too small once you placed the lid back on.

DIY Hot Cocoa Mason Jar Gift Idea // Right at Home for the Hollydays - Day #2

To finish off the gift, I knew I wanted to add a little band around the center. I started by cutting a strip of kraft cardstock and stamping it with a plaid background stamp and some white pigment ink. For the label in the center, I cut a stitched circle out of some green cardstock and a white circle to use for my stamping. I used my Happy Mail stamp and a natural colored ink, and stamped my label onto the white circle. In the center I added my smallest poinsettia from my Poinsettia set. I just love how it turned out!

When choosing gifts for friends, I highly encourage you to think about how the gift will be used. Most likely, this jar of hot cocoa will bring warmth to them on a cold night. It could help bring them and their children together by the fireplace, sipping away while chatting about the day's activities. You never know how much happiness you can spread by giving someone something you made with love. 

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