My 5 Favorite Greetings for Inside a Birthday Card

If you're anything like me, then you love to make cards but never know what to write inside. I spend so much time creating the design, making everything just perfect, and then when it's time to use it I quickly scribble a greeting inside. I decided to take sometime today to scroll through Pinterest to find some heartfelt greetings to have on hand for future use and I thought you'd like me to share them with you.

My 5 Favorite Greetings for Inside a Birthday Card //

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1 | I hope that the innocent smile on your face never ever fades away. You are an absolute sweetheart. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

This first greeting is perfect for including inside a child's birthday card or for someone who's always smiling and looking on the bright side. I think we all have someone in our lives who this greeting would be appropriate for. It's a simple greeting, but also expresses your love for the recipient. (Source)

2 | You have a whole new year of life to spend. Don't spend it all in one place.

When I came across this greeting, I had to reread it a couple times to mull over the meaning. Once I did, I knew it would be perfect to include on this list. It plays off of a familiar phrase, "don't spend all your money in one place", but takes it a step further, urging you not to waste one of our most valuable assets: our time. It'd be cute to have this written inside a card with a little cash or a gift card to a place they've never been before. (Source)

3 | It is difficult to buy a gift, because I want to buy the entire world for you. May all your dreams for the future come true.

A lot of times nowadays, the teenagers in our lives have everything they could ever want from electronics to clothing, etc. It can sometimes be hard to find them that special gift and I think this greeting plays off that well. You could include this greeting inside a card and tell the recipient you two can go on some sort of outing together instead. Getting the chance to spend personal time with someone is often way more valuable than a gift. (Source)

4 | The day you were born was my lucky day. OR I'm so happy you were born.

These two are basically the same, however, could be used for two different people. The first rendition would be appropriate for your child or perhaps a sibling. The second could be used for a friend or pretty much anyone who you're celebrating. They're both loving and add a touch of humor to the inside of your cards. (Source)

5 | Happy birthday my funny, sensational, charming, and truly amazing...

When I came across this greeting I thought it was the perfect template for creating a personalized message for the recipient. You can easily switch out the words to fit the person and replace the ... with either sister, friend, mother, etc. Such a cute greeting that's both creative and heartfelt! (Source)


If you love these greetings as much as I do, I've created a downloadable PDF just for you! Click the sheet pictured to the left and you will be brought to a screen where you can download this sheet and keep them on your desk for future use!

Let me know you're favorite greeting to use inside your birthday cards by commenting below!