Right at Home Stamps New Release // July 2017

Hello, sweet friends!

Today marks another Right at Home stamps release that is now available in the shop. This time two years ago I was bringing my first stamp into the world...hard to believe I'm in my third year of business already. 

Before things take a sappy turn, let me introduce you to today's release!

Right at Home Stamps New Release // July 2017 - rightathomeshop.com

This release is filled with buildable blooms, gorgeous hand-lettering, and cute, quirky sentiments perfect for your happy mail envelopes.

Right at Home Stamps New Release // July 2017 - rightathomeshop.com

Anemone + Die Set

Up first is my Anemone stamp and coordinating die set. I consider this bold bloom set stamp-layering-made-easy because of the simple shapes it features. You can combine the solid base with the outline and shadows or mix + match all the layers for a unique look. I've created so many designs already with this set so I can assure you the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. And since you're crafty, I'm sure yours is pretty big! 

If you decide to purchase this set, make sure to download the Anemone Stamping Guide. Watch my how to tutorial for this set here.

Sunflower + Die Set

If you know a little about me you'll know my obsession with sunflowers is oh so real. I can't help it...they're just the happiest flowers on the planet. Because of that I think Sunflower and the coordinating die set may be one of my favorite sets I've released...like ever. I've included tons of different layers that when stamped together create the most gorgeous, realistic looking sunflower that stamps can achieve. #sunflowerloversunite

I also have a Sunflower Stamping Guide for this set. I also have a version that you can print onto transparency paper (had mine done at Staples for a few dollars) that helps the layering process so much easier. Watch my tutorial here. 

Brushstroke Alphabet Uppercase + Lowercase

I'm thrilled to introduce the first alphabet set into my line...Brushtroke Alphabet! These letters have a sketch-y design that when stamped together gives you the hand-lettered look we all want to achieve (without the frustration of course!). Combine the upper and lowercase sets together along with all the additional elements I've included to create unique sentiments for your cards. No hand-lettering experience needed. 

However if you do need a little guidance, you can download my Brushstroke Alphabet Stamping Guide. Watch my tutorial for this set here. 

Happy Mail Year 3

As I mentioned before, this month marks my third year in business. The first set I ever released was my Happy Mail set (still one my best sellers to this day) and every year I add a new set to the series to celebrate the milestone. This is my addition to the collection for my third year. I feel like this set is almost like if Year 1 and Year 2 had a baby. You've got the script font and a new seal, this time with a sweet scalloped edge. Plus tons of quirky sentiments that will surely bring a smile to the recipient's face. 

This entire release is now available in my shop for purchase. I know a few of you have been counting down the days so I'm glad the day is finally here!

There's something about this release that makes my heart so happy. I think it may be the combination of the fact that I'm now in year 3 and also that there is a sunflower set. I told you the obsession was real! I hope at least one of these sets make your heart happy as well. 

I hope you have a beautiful day! 


P.S. There's also a bundle option available which saves you 10% off the entire release!