Fall Favorites // Crafts, Beauty + More

Hi there! 

If you are a fan of YouTube you may have seen a fun tag video going around called "Fall Favorites". Since I'm not much of a YouTuber, I decided to reformat the questions into a blog post. I also wanted to add a few crafty questions into the mix to make it more fun for us crafters. 

I have quite a few favorites to tell you about so let's get started!

Fall Favorites // Crafts, Beauty + More - Right at Home Shop

Favorite Lip Color // M•A•C Cosmetics "Syrup"

I always love wearing lip gloss or lipstick and the fall time is no different. Sometimes I am bold enough to wear a deep berry or plum shade, but for day-to-day wear my favorite lip color is the M•A•C Cosmetics lipstick in the color "Syrup". I have darker, pigmented lips so I find that this shade is like my lips but "better". It's a Creamsheen which in M•A•C terms means that it is a creamy formulation that is smoother than their other lipsticks. Over the years I have collected so many of their lipsticks and "Syrup" is the only one that I have used to the point of showing wear-and-tear. Definitely an everyday favorite!

Favorite Drink // Starbucks Caramel Macchiato                                                                                         

While everyone on the planet is obsessing over #PSL (pumpkin spice latte), I'm staying true to my   all-time favorite Starbucks drink, the Caramel Macchiato. I drink this all year round, sometime switching between the iced and hot versions. Last year I drank it iced even through the wintertime, but this year I am thinking of switching back to the hot version. Funny enough, I feel that the caffeine effects me more when I drink the iced version, but that could just be me. And since I have a lot to do this season, I think I'll save the caffeine jitters for another time!

Favorite Ink Colors // My Favorite Things Tangy Orange, Factory Green, Safety Orange, & Natural

Last year I believe, My Favorite Things came out with a bunch of new fall colors for the season and I have been obsessed ever since. When stamping foliage specifically, Tangy Orange, Factory Green, Safety Orange, and Natural are my go to's. Each one is so potent and bold that it makes stamping so much more fun!                                                                                                             

Favorite Clothing Item // Nordstrom BP "Trolley" Ankle Booties & Old Navy Vintage V-Neck Tees

If you follow my Instagram account you may have seen that I picked up a few new clothing items for fall. I mentioned that I am not usually lucky enough to find clothes that I like too often, but for some reason I have found so much stuff recently! One of those things are the Nordstrom BP "Trolley" Ankle Booties that I ordered online in the grey color. I was nervous about the heel, but I've found that you get used to it after a few wears. They add a touch of sophistication to even the simplest of outfit!

Another favorite clothing item for me are the Old Navy Vintage V-Neck tees. Every season I try to pick up a few new basic t-shirts in long and short sleeves to freshen up my collection. I personally like to purchase basics and dress them up with fun layers like cardigans, jackets, or accessories. These tees have proven to be both a great quality, comfortable, and perfect for everyday wear! 

Favorite Fall TV Show // Gilmore Girls

One of the first TV shows I ever watched with my family was Gilmore Girls. This show brings back so many memories from past years and I truly feel like it has been a major factor in who I am today (yes, really). The show starts in the fall time so naturally the best time to start watching the show again would be the fall time. I currently haven't finished watching all the seasons from when I started last fall so I'm thinking of starting over again, but I'm not sure...

And those are all my fall favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post as it is rather different than my usual posts. Make sure to comment down below with some of your fall favorites...I'd love to hear what you like!


P.S. Want to see the video where this tag was started? Click here.