Free October Printable Calendar

Happy October first! 

Can you believe it's October already?! I can't. Probably because the weather is still in the high 70's here in MA. Seriously, when will it be cold? Anyways, I have something fun to share with you today that I think you will like...

I created a free printable calendar for the month of October! I, personally, am a huge fan of printable calendars. In fact, I have a whole Pinterest board full of them. And since I know we are all obsessed with planning right now (#plannernerd), I decided to create one myself! 

Free October Printable Calendar - Right at Home Shop

As you can see, I made a horizontal calendar which is my orientation of choice. I decided to leave the numbers off the calendar as a way of extending the longevity of this printable. That means you can use it for this year, next year, or whenever you need to jot some important dates down. 

You may also notice that I added in a little quote in the top corner. It reads "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" which I guess is a line from Anne of Green Gables. If I'm being honest, I looked up that quote on Pinterest and thought it was appropriate for my calendar.

I also embellished the calendar with some graphics that you may recognize...they are the same images that are on my Fall Leaves stamp set! I digitalized them, added color, and added them in various places on my calendar. I love the result!

Make sure to show me on Instagram how you are using your calendar! I'd love to see how you plan out your month. 

Wishing you productivity...let's do this October!