My 2017 Goals // Business, Life, & More

Happy New Year!

Well, almost. Today I'm continuing my tradition of writing out my goals for the coming year as a way of making them more permanent. They aren't always easy to put together, but I try to put together a basic outline that I can add to throughout the year. If you're looking for some tips on goal-setting you should check out Elise Blaha's blog as she talks a lot about the subject.  

My 2017 Goals // Business, Life, & More -

Over the past few weeks I've noticed subtle changes within myself that I hope to harness into the new year. I think it's because I'm getting older, I'll be turning 21 in February, so I'm becoming more focused on who I want to be in my adult life. Some of the following goals will reflect that, however, I have included a few that pertain specifically to my business as well.


  • Improve time management and organization
  • Create structure to simplify reoccurring tasks
  • Properly align myself mentally before completing important tasks (learn more about "alignment" here)
  • More focused work, more breaks
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule
  • Improve inventory management
  • Strengthen relationships / provide more value to wholesalers
  • Allow time for praise and celebration of accomplishments
  • Take risks and don't give up if rejected
  • Reevaluate / check in monthly (said I was going to do this last year and didn't)


  • Give more love, more time, more appreciation
  • Take better care of myself both physically and mentally
  • Do things that make me feel happy (doing my hair and makeup, putting on a cute outfit, getting a coffee, etc.)
  • Think before I express my feelings, especially when I'm upset or angry
  • Meet new people / stay in touch with old friends
  • Be open to other opinions
  • Explore new places both near and far
  • Appreciate little joys

I'm sure I could add more to both lists but this is my basic outline for now. In addition to these more broad goals, I have a few specific things that I'm hoping to change this year. They are more routine-based so I'm using Elise's goal-tracker printable to help me keep track of my progress. I shared this printable in my email newsletter, but if you didn't happen to catch it you can subscribe to Elise's newsletter here. You will be sent an email with the download after completing the subscription process. 

Do you have any goals you're working towards in 2017? Share them with me! That way we can hold each other accountable!