Right at Home Stamps January Release Valentine's Day Cards + Projects Round-Up

T-minus three days until Valentine's Day!

Are you ready? Do you have all your sweet treats packed and bundled with love? If you still need a few ideas for cards, gift bags, or even a banner today's post is perfect for you. Over the past two weeks I've posted a new project idea everyday and today I'm compiling them all together for easy reference. 

Let's get started...

Right at Home Stamps January Release Valentine's Day Cards + Projects Round-Up // rightathomeshop.com/blog

Day #1: Folded Airplane Die Set Valentines

I kicked off the series with the sweetest little valentines using my Folded Airplane Die Set. I made about six different designs using all the elements (+ the coordinating stamp!) included in the set. 

Day #2: Folded Gift Bag Die Set Felt + Paper Valentines Treat Bags

On day two I brought to life one of my visions for the Folded Gift Bag Die Set: a fuzzy, felt treat bag! Definitely learned a thing or two about working with felt from this project but the results were oh so worth it. 

Day #3: Letterboard Love Die Set Valentines Gift Cards

This next project I had way too much fun with. I couldn't decide what item to use as the "I love you more than"...coffee, donuts, cake? I ultimately decided on fries and popped a little surprise gift card inside. 

Day #4: You Make My Hear Soar Folded Airplane Die Set Card

Throughout the post series I wanted to be sure to show how you can use all these new items in multiple ways. Today I shared my first A2 card using the Folded Airplane Die Set. I'm so in love with the color palette and whimsy of this card. 

Day #5: Love Ya Folded Gift Bag Die Set Card

The theme continued on into the next day with this card using the Folded Gift Bag Die Set. The dimension and playfulness of this card is too cute. The bag could also serve as a pocket for a slipping a gift card inside. Just be mindful of where you put your adhesive underneath!

Day #6: I Love You Candy Hearts Background Folded Airplane Die Set Card

This next card is a bit simpler and can help you make use of scrap pieces of cardstock laying around. My inspiration for this card was obviously the little candy heart treats we loved eating as a kid expect mine have a bit cuter phrases if you ask me. I mean, totes adorbs?! 

Day #7: Happy (Heart) Day Ticket Valentines

These tickets are perhaps the only ones I would ever be happy to receive. These ones are bright, colorful, and help us feel loved...unlike those other ones that cost us money and frustration. Beware of the bestie tax though! Your next coffee date may be on you. *wink wink*

Day #8: Flat Vellum + Paper Valentines Treat Bags

When designing the Folded Gift Bag Die Set I originally wanted it to create these flat, glassine-like bags for small treats. However, after second thought I figured I'd make the bag a bit more dimensional. Luckily, I figured out a way to make my dream bags from the set anyways!

Day #9: Heart Shaker Card Using Die-Cuts + Tulle

For this card, I was inspired by a leftover piece of cardstock I had punched some hearts out of. I grabbed some foam tape and little shaker bits and made this Valentine’s shaker card! Oh, and the tulle obsession continues from yesterday’s project...and may or may not be featured on tomorrow's as well. 

Day #10: Love Ya Vellum + Paper Heart Banner

For my final post I decided to create a little decor for my room. I used up a few leftover hearts I had lying around from throughout the week and added some stamping, tulle (duh) and twine. The result was this banner that gives me all the heart eyes. 

dashed line c9bb4b.png

Phew! Did you make it to the end? If you did, let me know which post was your favorite in the comments below. 

Although I'm sad that my valentines crafting spree has come to a close (I may still continue until March 1st, tbh) I'm excited to move on to spring! 

Hope you have a love filled day!


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